Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Chart generation library: JFreeChart

JFreeChart is a free Java class library for generating charts, including:
  • Pie charts (2D and 3D);
  • Bar charts (regular and stacked, with an optional 3D effect);
  • Line and area charts;
  • Scatter plots and bubble charts;
  • Time series, high/low/open/close charts and candle stick charts;
  • Combination charts;
  • Pareto charts;
  • Gantt charts;
  • Wind plots, meter charts and symbol charts;
  • Wafer map charts;


Blogger Cheikh Elbald said...

To see more details of integration of JFreeChart in web application you can visit

2:58 PM  
Blogger Priyo Handoyo Blog said...

Can you show me how to combine chart in JFreechart? An example is combination of area chart and line type chart

3:34 AM  

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