Monday, November 22, 2004

Feature-rich installer: VAInstall

VAInstall is a multi-platform installer generator written in Java. Using a simple config file, it allows the packager to pick files and directories from various places on disk (unlike other installers which only use one root dir). The packager can completely reorganize the files and dirs on the destination host. The installation mode for the destination host can be graphic, xtra, text or ansi.
VAInstall doesn´t write any large temporary file on disk, and has an easy and powerful uninstallation procedure.
  • Multi-platform installation of applications (Java or not), or other data
  • 6 formats possible for the auto-installable packaged archive: executable Java class, executable Jar, JavaWebStart JNLP, Windows exe, Linux-i386 exe and Unix/Linux executable shell script
  • Easy uninstall process
  • Version control: upgrades apps from existing versions or installs new versions
  • Forced-update mode: for differential updates or module/plug-in installation in existing apps
  • Four possible user-interfaces: graphic-classic, graphic-xtra, text-only or coloured ansi text
  • Easy configuration: a config file and a file listing
  • Integration with Ant thru an Ant task
  • Powerful archiving: you can archive files from different locations, and reorganize them as you want in your auto-install archive.
  • Java launch scripts generation
  • Windows registry management
  • Shortcuts generation (for Debian/Gnome targets only)
  • Support for choosable language during installation


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