Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Complete reporting solution: OpenReports

OpenReports is a complete web based reporting solution that provides the ability for users to view dynamically created PDF, HTML or XLS reports in a browser. It is developed in Java and uses JasperReports as the reporting engine. The goal of OpenReports is to provide a web based reporting solution built upon open source technologies that will compete against
complex and expensive reporting tools such as Crystal Reports and Cognos.
  • The ability to create groups of reports, and grant users access to reports by group.
  • The ability to generate reports as PDF, XLS, HTML, and CSV files
  • The ability to generate bar, pie and xy charts for inclusion in reports.
  • The ability to schedule and email PDF reports.
  • The ability to define reusable report parameters. Available parameter types include Date, Text, Query Parameters.
  • The ability to create multiple Datasources for use in generating reports. Support for JNDI Datasources and internal connection pooling via Commons-DBCP is included.
  • The ability to upload and hot deploy new reports.
  • Web based administration of users, groups, reports, parameters, and datasources.
  • Cross platform database support via Hibernate based persistence layer.
  • Available in a preconfigured bundle with Apache Tomcat.

This solution also has a visual report designer, OpenReports Designer, with the following features:

  • Edit, design, preview, and view Jasper reports.
  • Visual report designer.
  • XML editor with syntax highlighting.
  • Dialogs for editing report properties and elements.
  • View and print compiled Jasper reports.
  • Export compiled Jasper reports to PDF, HTML, XLS, and CSV files.
  • Includes a wizard for creating database driven reports.


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